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You have to set yourself in motion and
prepare things while you wait, God will do the rest


November 9, 2013 

I love driving out by the bay,  It's a great place to see the boats out on the docks, the bay and people from all over the world.  It's a great way to relax your mind.




October 29, 2013

Life can sometimes feel like it tosses you around or even upside down; everyone goes through something, but you know God is there.



September 18, 2013

It's so awesome how God works in our lives; These Barbers have become a blessing to me and I a Blessing to their Barber Shop, HEADQUARTERZ




September 15, 2013

I have really enjoyed the activities with the people of God; not only that but the closeness the fellowship brings.



July 15, 2013

The most awesome thing that I have seen in San Francisco, are not the street performers, but these two signs.



June 1, 2013

Lately I've run into people that worry about everything;  Most people fret about things because they don't realize that you can only deal with the things that are in your ability to do or handle.  My father once told me, do your part and God will do His.  God will only ask us to do what is possible and then, He will do the impossible.        They did there part and He did His.               Read...  John 11:38-43



May 28, 2013

We had a good time at our annual church park activity; It's always nice to get out and enjoy a time of fellowship, food and games.  I enjoyed the time watching the the games and the laughter it brings out of you.



May 12, 2013

In my younger years, people would mention that my mother would ask a prayer for my siblings and I.  I sometimes get to hear my wife pray for our children and I would have to say that A Mothers Prayer is powerful; I know for I am blessed because of a prayer.




May 1, 2013

I read this somewhere, so I thought I would share it...  For the people of God, PRAYER is a great wireless connection to the living God;  Try it for yourself and experience a different wireless connection.



April 9, 2013

How important is the Word of God?

Moses heard the sound of the people and their lack to follow God, that he was angered by them to a point that he struck a rock twice when God had instructed him to strike it just once to give the people water.  Saul listened to the words of the people instead of listening to the word of God and that caused him to be disobedient to God and lose the favor of God.

Help us to hear your Word Oh God!



March 27, 2013

Today while I sat in on a meeting, I was impressed by a thought that, the resurrection was a time that even the disciples of the Lord felt is a time for the continuing of all things the Lord had begun.  Can you imagine the thoughts of those who heard the sound when someone shouted the words, He is risen.  The excitement and joy they must have expressed was so strong that we can still feel it today. The resurrection is an exciting time, showing us that things go on.



March 11, 2013

Food for Thought

Have you ever wondered why people that let go and get away from God, that were once involved in a church somewhere return later in time just to see the church?  Over the years, my experience has shown me that they come for a visit, but not really intending to involve themselves into the church again, but in all realty itís the soul that is yearning for God and so without them realizing it, their soul cryís out pulling them to come and sit in church.  Then the flesh over comes them, and instead of surrendering to God, the flesh reminds them of the embarrassment they would have to face, and the pride of admitting they made a mistake, that draws them back out and way from the church.

So donít let go!!!



February 1, 2013

Fellowship is one of the great things I observe among the members of the church, it's good to see everyone happy and not only that but it also brings a peace to the church and a good feeling of the Spirit of God.  It's just nice to hang around at the church and talk. 




January 10, 2013

A nice cup of tea is a great way to start the day in these cool mornings.  I say that because a little self indulgence is nice before I have to deal with what the day will bring in my life, at least that's my way of starting the day, then it's prayer time or the time I take to talk to God...  How does your day start? 





December 30, 2012

As the year draws to an end I think of the many things I would like to complete or places I would like to go to before the end of this year.  Of course the purpose of the completion of those things is to start a new year with new ideas and a new determination in the things we do.  I've talked to people at stores, eating places, even repair shops and they have mentioned drinking, smoking and also the use of drugs for the last time in this year and starting a new year sober, without smoking or drugs, some have said they are shooting to be a better father, mother, husbands, wives and over all a better person in this new year that is coming.  I Have to wonder about those things they mentioned, I mean why not start doing them now? I assume it has to do with closure at the end of a year and the start of a new year.  A new year filled with peace, joy and a determination to do things right to please God, sounds like what I would call a great new year.




December 23, 2012

Two days ago people kept saying that the end of the world would happen by mid-night December 21, 2012 but i guess they were wrong in their timing, their dating the end of the world because we are still here today and the world is still going around and around just the same.  One thing I do know is that no one knows the date and time...                    Read >>> Matthew 24.24-36




December 14, 2012

Have you ever stopped to think on how people at this time of Christmas will do whatever it takes just to give something to someone, somehow finding a way to come up with a gift to give and others wondering what kind of gift they would be receiving?  Any gift from someone is nice but I also believe that we have already received and can give the greatest gift.  The greatest gift anyone can have in a life time (in my opinion) is the gift that God gave of Jesus Christ that keeps giving mercy, compassion and love, but if we wish to give something (gifts) to others amongst the things we can give, we should give of the greatest gift, God's Word, after all, whether we have or don't have, in this time of year it's about the birth of Christ the greatest gift to everyone.       Read it.............John 3.16




December 2, 2012

December is a great time for tamale making and helping to put some tamales together had a good feeling to it also.  I donít know if what I did was all that great but at the least when the others put them together I helped some by putting them on the table where they put them into the plastic bags ready to be frozen until it was time to cook them and give to those that wanted the dozens of tamales.  This project sure did show what can be accomplished just by working together.




November 22, 2012 

Today started off really nice thinking I would get a cup of coffee and just relax until the food was ready to be prayed for and eat of all the food, side dishes and pies there was to eat.  Then I was asked to help cut green onions, olives, potatoes, pickles and other things that make up the meal that we were going to haveÖ OMG thatís a lot of work just for a quick sitting at the table, and then we had the clean-up of all the mess that was made.  I was glad that we shared especially in the clean-up part. Speaking of sharing, I liked sharing some of my food scraps and of course there is nothing like having a friend (little eddie my dog) to share some food scraps with because he ate just enough to helped me not to sin; you know come just short of gluttony, lol.  Besides have you heard of the saying that sharing is caring, so we know that sharing helps meet the needs of others?        Check this out>>    John 6:9-11




November 20, 2012

 I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, after all we all have something to thank God for.  Just the other day I went to Mc Donald's and the drive thru had a lot of cars like when they, you know, mess up on your order so I parked got off and went inside, all I wanted was a soda and when I ordered my soda someone I didn't even know paid for it, you know it was only $1.07 but they said to me it was their part in being thankful for what God has supplied for them.  It was only a $1.07 but I got to see how God will put in the heart of someone to take care or supply, so I want to Thank God for all things... I'm sure you have something to Thank God for.



God will do it:

You have to set yourself in motion and
prepare things while you wait, God will do the rest.


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